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Is Education-System Responsible for Unemployment?

इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें


  • The Annual Employability Survey 2019 revealed that 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for the job in the related field.
  • Huge numbers of youth quit their field of study for job-security.

Table of contents  

  1. Introduction 
  2. What are the challenges for youth?
  3. What are the sources of challenges?
  4. Conclusion of these Problems
  5. Endnote

1. Introduction

The Data Tribune has come up with an article that is most sought for in the era of this throat cutting competition. This article focuses upon a challenge faced by every single youth of the country. It is neither a trending topic nor a hashtag, yet it is affecting the country’s young generation. This is a subject which is continuously being faced by the young population of India on a daily basis. It’s the same youth that is often termed as the cornerstone for the country’s bright future.

There are several challenges standing as obstacles in the way of success for our youth. A challenge of unemployment is similar issue for the Indian youth.  The challenge of lack of confidence for their skills is substantial. A challenge of security of jobs is in front. There are many questions for these challenges which need answers. Youth is not only a stage of an individual life but it is a generation driving the whole nation’s future. Any challenge which creates a hindrance in their education and growth, is a big hindrance in the  nation’s growth.  So, let’s explore the challenges which are faced by our youth.

2. What are the challenges for youth?

In order to understand the root of the problem, literacy rate of India is examined. The graph given below shows the changes in literacy  rate for years.  

literacy rate total youth population in india - The Data Tribune

Result is interestingly a subject to be happy. Literacy rate of our country is growing with time. But what about employment? Are jobs satisfying the educated youths? The answer is – no.

youth unemployment rate india - The Data Tribune

The above graph reveals that how rapidly the number of educated yet unemployed youth population got the huge hike in India.

share of unemployed population by qualification 2019 - The Data Tribune
This graph shows the growth of unemployment among educated youth of country.

It can be seen that the largest percentage of these unemployed are graduate youth!

What is the reason behind this unexpected challenge? Why is education not building talents in youth? Is it true that the numbers on the marksheet are merely a proof of their cramming capabilities? Does it really matter whether the student is learning or not? No one quivers for knowledge, numbers on the marksheet are given higher priority,  numbers which don’t give guarantee for knowledge, which don’t give confidence about skills. As the question of confidence and guarantee in education is raised, let’s understand it with statistics. 

educational level wise enrollment in various programs as in india - The Data Tribune

The graph above shows the number of enrollment in different courses in 2018-19 revealed by MHRD report.  It is clearly visible that the maximum number of enrollment were for Under Graduate courses. The graph of the share of unemployment by educational qualifications also shows that the largest share is that of graduates. Those graduates who don’t have confidence in their skills. In other words, education system only delivers marks, not the confidence in their skills. Also, the Annual Employability Survey (2019) by Aspiring Minds revealed that 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job! The result can be seen in the next plot.

value of various degree earned - The Data Tribune

Here, as revealed by the data, 63% of engineers in 2019 were looking for government jobs. Because the education system has not provided them a confidence in their skill. They look for government jobs which provides a job security.

Overall it can be concluded that, increase in literacy rate is only the result of cramming.

Another challenging factor is the English language, which has gained popularity as the  standard language for official communication. Hindi is the fourth most spoken language of the world. India is recognized as the largest Hindi speaking country with 52.83 crore speakers. The most populous state named Uttar Pradesh has a board of education named UP Board. Being a state with mother tongue Hindi and with the largest board of India in terms of students, UP Board, result in subject Hindi is very unexpected. Approximately 8 lakh students fail in the subject Hindi, which is their mother tongue. The results for the previous several years are raising questions on the education system. The question is not just about a subject. Actual question is about the subject of mother language. The graph below shows the plight of Hindi language for our generation.

students ailed in hindi in india out total registered -The Data Tribunendia total

This challenge germinates from schools where students are restricted to speak English for jobs, for maintaining a standard in the society. And they think Hindi is too easy to pass. This thought stays intact in youth also, who improve English skill by taking classes rather than improving their professional skills.

3. What are the sources of challenges?

After discussing the challenges for youth generation, it is important to identify the sources which produces these challenges. The sources are our education institutions, our families,  our society and we ourselves too. 

Our education system gives Marks for cramming. Children in the primary stages of life are not taught to work upon their skills or be creative. The burden of exams and large syllabus deprives them from learning. They cram the whole syllabus for good Marks. After-all, our parents too see the numbers, not the knowledge. Is it fine to cram all syllabus in the era of technology? All students have access to the internet, computer, which will answer all their questions. Still the students waste time in cramming rather than exploring creativity and their interests. They get involved in the competition of Marks in such a manner that they don’t understand what is the subject, topic of their interest. They get repelled by their own interest. 

Another prejudice is related with the standard of different subjects. Students with mathematics subjects are considered best, with bio are average and with commerce are of lower standards. It doesn’t stop there, students with BA courses are considered as less hard workers, compared to science students. Everyone asks the subject and branch if one is a graduate, only to judge their standard of education.

Other youth who have completed their education, run after English for their jobs, as our parents, teachers and elders taught us to focus on English. Perfect English skill is the first key to unlock the door to employment. One bitter truth in India is that English is a basic skill for employment. Companies demand for perfect English communication skills for most of the vacancies.  Even our education system also aims to teach perfect English communication. Interestingly, the students are charged with fine if they use Hindi language in schools. How does this mentality for the education and skills affect the children and youths, let us discuss in the following section. 

4. Conclusion of these Problems

This section is throwing light on the effects of the previously discussed challenges faced by students and youths. Let’s start with the students in schools, who are charged for speaking Hindi. Some students stop communication as they are afraid to pay the fine. In the class they remain silent, even if they have doubts in any topic or they have any question to ask because they feel they can’t communicate well in English.

Moving ahead, the standards of different courses have gripped our minds in a way that some students with no interest in education enroll in BA. They think they can become a graduate without any hard work, without attending any class because BA is easier and they prefer to continue and focus on the skills of their interest. Some students who have interests in these subjects, question themselves when they face any questions like what was your subject of graduation? 

And what to say about English? As discussed in the last section, students who are suffering for jobs get enrolled to improve English. Why should they not do so? After-all everyone has suggested them  to work on the English language for jobs. Another problem is society, a person with bad English communication skills, is declared as poorly educated or classless.  These are some of the things which most of the youths are facing in their daily lives. All these struggles, challenges, adjustments with their skills of interest, are only for employment and earning. 

5. Endnote

After Exploring the challenges and their origins, it has been found that our mentality, education system, and we ourselves are responsible for the degradation of skilled youth. Our mentality is challenging the youth. Our education system is challenging the youth. Students don’t know that the habit of cramming the sentences will limit their lives. This mentality has captured our minds in such a way that we are its servants. We waste our time for English only to communicate rather than developing our skills, rather than being creative. In short we run behind a language English for a  job. A job which will pay only for our basic needs. Isn’t it true that we can learn more efficiently in our own language? This sentence is quite bitter, but it is the truth that our education system doesn’t give us confidence about what we have learnt. So, the youth are ready to part with their interest for earning, for living.  They end up becoming dependent on others for a job which will pay just for spending the days. Just think, if everyone becomes dependent on someone else, who will provide the employment? Definitely, unemployment will grow. Let’s change our mentality about education and understand it’s real form. 

Education is education. We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow. Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human.

Malala Yousafzai

Let the youth learn. Let them grow. Let them develop their skills of their interest. Let them be confident about what they have learnt. Let them be creative. Ultimately we will see that most of the youths will be self reliant and will employ others too. This is the only key to get rid of unemployment.

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